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Park Amenities

You are going to love it here!

We have what you want after a full day of hiking, exploring, and

 Hot showers. Clean restrooms and laundry facilities. Free wi-fi!
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 Clean Bathrooms & Hot Showers 

We have tankless hot water which means it will never run out! Good news for all of us. 

All cabin sites each have private bathroom facilities.

The "bathroom cabin" in the tent area has 2 full bathrooms with showers on one side and an ADA bathroom, that also includes a shower, on the other side.

There are also bathroom facilities in the clubhouse. 


Laundry Facilities

We have 5 coin operated washers and 5 coin operated dryers. The laundromat is open 24/7 and is available to the public. The facilities are located in the basement of the clubhouse and are wheelchair accessible.   

Grass-fed Beef

We raise our own beef. Before we did an RV park, we raised beef in the surrounding area. Our son still does. The genetics of the South Poll cattle make it thrive in this local area and produce tasty tender beef. Let us know if you would like to purchase beef to grill while you are here or take home with you.

Fire Rings in Designated Sites

RV Sites 1 through 10 and Sites 15 through 24 all come with fire rings. RV Sites 11 through 14 and Sites 25 through 27 have no fire rings for those of our guests who prefer no wood smoke. All the Tent sites have fire rings. Fire wood is available for purchase when you make your reservation or when you arrive.